Enroll in the Free Living With Type 2 Diabetes Program – American Diabetes Association®

Enroll in the Free Living With Type 2 Diabetes Program – American Diabetes Association®.

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Grandma Knew Best

Eat food made by sunlight .

I eat grass but my neighbors don’t.


It’s the End of the World Unless We All Start Cooking Click the link to the left. The Beast brings us a fascinating article by Sara Khong. A simple rule is to shop the perimeter of food chains. A better rule is to shop organic. We can’t make food better than nature and we are the survivors of the fittest. Food must feed our bacteria as well as us. The article is a must read for thinking people. Ami

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GMO Monopoly

Can’t make this stuff up:

I don’t remember the exact tag lines of both companies.But I believe Dupont’s was : “Better Living Through Chemistry”. How ironic we greet today’s news.
Thanks to NaturalNews: New Giant Monopoly of Monsanto and Dupont Join Together to Monopolize and Further Secretize GMOs:

Turns out Mom must have been trying to kill me, every time she said “Eat yourypeas” !

Create a GMO Monopoly

Anti Trust Monopoly Problem? Just Join Forces and Form a Joint GMO Monopoly

Apparently discontent with its more than $13.5 billion-plus in annual sales, genetic modification kingpin Monsanto has been trying for the past four-or-so years to extract billions more dollars from rival DuPont for alleged patent infringements involving its genetically-modified (GM) Roundup-Ready soybean technology. And the agri-giant has apparently achieved this goal, having recently settled its longstanding feud with DuPont in exchange for a massive $1.75 billion royalty payout to be delivered over the course of the next 10 years, according to reports.
As we covered last year, Monsanto has been waging war against DuPont since at least 2002, when the corporate monolith decided that DuPont had violated its licensing agreements by borrowing a Roundup-Ready trait for use in its rival soybean product, known as Optimum GAT. Following the initiation of a lawsuit by Monsanto against DuPont for this alleged infringement, DuPont counter-sued, alleging that Monsanto had illegally obtained its patent on the Roundup-Ready trait in question, rendering it unenforceable.

But the two companies have finally agreed to call it quits, according to Phys.org, presumably because both of them are in the wrong and are trying to avoid encountering any further obstacles in their mutual GMO-propagating Ponzi scheme. The two companies will now work together, in other words, to spread more GMOs around the world, and utilize each other’s technologies for the implied purpose of maximizing corporate profits in the process.

Joint agreement between Monsanto, DuPont has created the world’s largest GMO monopoly

For years, DuPont has alleged that Monsanto is a threat to innovation, as the biotechnology bully dominates large and growing segments of industrialized agriculture. And DuPont has been correct in this assessment, which became the crux of its legal argument against Monsanto. But now that the two companies have agreed to partner together, the world faces a much larger threat in the form of a massive GMO cartel controlled by Monsanto.

“DuPont is the last of the big four to sign up to use Monsanto’s genetically engineered herbicide resistant soya (soy) bean traits,” explains gmeducation.org, referring to Monsanto, DuPont/Pioneer Hi-Bred, Syngenta, and Dow AgroSciences, which collectively own roughly 80 percent of the U.S. corn market and 70 percent of the soybean market.

“[DuPont] will pay Monsanto $1.75 billion over the next 10 years … A good deal for Monsanto but even more significant is that DuPont is to drop its antitrust lawsuit against Monsanto … given that currently more than 80 percent of U.S. corn (maize) and more than 90 percent of soya (soy) beans contain Monsanto licensed gene traits, it must have had a good chance of winning and curbing Monsanto’s virtual monopoly of a key part of the U.S. seed industry. This deal puts an end to that, and instead puts Monsanto in a position of massive strength.”

What this means for the average consumer, of course, is more GMOs hitting the market in the future with less regulatory hoops through which they have to jump. It also puts Monsanto in an even more opportune position financially and politically to thwart efforts at GMO labeling, for instance, which have grown substantially at the grassroots level all across the country in recent years

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/039895_Monsanto_Dupont_patents.html#ixzz2QFJYyKnW



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Steak Bad but Not How You Think


Carnitine and Steak Deadly

Carnitine and Steak


Health Hazard! Click Here:  Carnitine Found in Red Meat


Yep, a brand new culprit exposed. Click the link above, then click the link on the second page.
Carnitine and Steak. Wall Street Journal Article: Click the Link, then the link on the next page!
 Perhaps just a little chunk on my birthday?



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Calories Are Really Evil Critters

Humorous Calorie CharactersGotta Have a Little Fun

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diabetic neuropathy and balance

Here is something to write home about!

It turns out diabetes affects muscles and the pain of neuropathy for its victims. It causes lots of body problems like eye trouble, kidney and heart trouble. blood vessel problems and a host of others. In a heartless way, it also causes balance problems.
Read this article from adviceondiabetes.com.
Diabetes Causes Stumbles

Diabetes Causes Stumbles

Long-term diabetes can bring along undesired complications such as diabetic neuropathy, which can affect various organs in a diabetic’s body. While certain internal organs such as the heart, kidneys, lungs and intestines can get affected due to poor blood supply and nerve damage, external organs such as hands, feet, thighs, legs, fingers and toes too are not spared in certain versions of diabetic neuropathy. Hence, diabetic neuropathy and muscle balance problems in diabetics go hand-in-hand and diabetics need to take special care to avoid falling down and aggravating their problems.
Diabetic neuropathy can attack a diabetic’s body in 4 different versions. While autonomic neuropathy affects the nerves connected to the heart, eyes and lungs, and can also affect digestion or bladder functions, focal neuropathy can affect any nerve or cluster of nerves in any part of the body causing sudden pain or weakness. Proximal neuropathy can affect the thighs, hips and buttocks, which can cause weakness in the legs. But it is peripheral neuropathy, which actually affects the legs, hands, fingers and toes and causes searing pain along with numbness in the affected regions.
The last two neuropathies can cause diabetics to lose sensation in the lower part of their body, leading to muscle weakness or even loss of muscle within those organs. This, along with numbness caused by poor blood circulation and nerve damage can result in impaired motor function which can affect walking, standing and running. This causes balance problems and diabetics that stand up suddenly from a sitting position might suddenly lose their balance and fall down. They might also fall down when they try to effect sudden changes in direction such as turning suddenly or twisting in a jerky motion.
Diabetics should therefore visit their doctor if they notice any abnormality in any of the organs of their body. While regular medicines can help to a certain extent along with surgery in certain cases, diabetics that walk in late after ignoring their symptoms for a longer period might find it very difficult to regain use of the affected organs. An alternative medicine which is quite helpful is an antioxidant known as alpha lipoic acid. It is available in capsule and tablet form and can be taken by humans and certain pets, except cats due to a toxic reaction with its liver. Diabetics should also remember to check each leg including each sole of the foot on a daily basis. Diabetics should also remember to stand up slowly and wait for some time to completely retain their balance before starting to walk. Sudden twists and jerks while walking should also be avoided. Diabetics should also maintain their sugar levels within the prescribed limits and stick to a healthy diet to maintain muscle mass. They should also stay adequately hydrated so that they do not experience dizziness due to dehydration.
Hence, diabetic neuropathy and muscle balance problems are entwined together and diabetics might need to take special care to retain their motor functions. They should take the right medications along with physiotherapy according to the instructions of their doctor. Daily inspections of the feet along with additional care while walking should enable diabetics to remain safe from any painful and long-lasting complications related to diabetic neuropathy
Article from adviceondiabetes.com,with thanks.


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The TREATS Kill,Too!

gmo halloween candy BIG names
Look, there are ten GMOs in a Hershey Bar. I have eaten  them often and worried about excess sugar. Now, I learn that they may kill you with Cancer but not ’till you suffer the ravages of Diabetes.
I think today is a good day to pray because…
…the Good Lord can’t like them, either. 





Will they Bring Good Things to Life?

Tomatoes with Hypodermic Needles Injecting Them with GMO Poisons.

GMO Tomatoes and Corn.
















The Candy will hook children.
And there is no good that can come from eating them.
I think children may say later: “I thought my momma loved me and was making me eat my vegetables for my own good. But, now I wonder if she did love me.”
Now Lets Look at Tomatoes and Corn:
Tomatoes are disgusting. They are GMOs and they are grown hydroponically. They don’t taste like tomatoes.
Solution – Grow your own. Do a lot of research first.
Corn has been GMO’d for a lot of reasons. Corn has become obnoxiously sweet.
Solution - Only one. No, there are none.  It is in everything we eat.
It is a major cause of obesity.
High Fructose = More Danger than Dynamite.
GMOs are no way to die.
It might be easier to ask to be hung rather than die of Cancer caused by the Agriculture Industrial Complex. Or, we could ask the growers and sellers to “Do the right thing.

Wait for GMO to kill you? I'd rather be hung.


What’s to be the answer?
Throw them away.  Or, will we be branded as polluters?

Is it anti -green to throw away GMO's. Perhaps










 … On that encouraging note, I wish you a,

Happy Easter!

Pss’t, Don’t even think of eating the candy.





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Want cancer? You can eat your way to it.

GMO Kills bees, us and our children.

This is a multi faceted post on one “food” group.

First, our bees are being killed with insecticides genetically spliced into the GMO plant, making the plant’s pollen and nectar fatal poisons for the honeybee.

We’ve all been  stung by bees and perhaps you are a little ambivalent to the death of bees.

But remember this. Bees fertilize our crops. Without them, we could face food shortages on a massive scale. How soon?  Here’s a statistic that may shock us into reality: This year we have lost 50 percent of our bees.

They are being killed by the agriculture industry for profits.

And, remember that GMO(s) exist on such a massive scale and good organic foods will be cross pollinated by the bees and become another GMO.

Ask yourself: When our legislators protect industries over our freedom to live with our inalienable right to live in the “Pursuit of Happiness” do they deserve our vote? Your decision of course.

Please work to stop killing our bees and avoid GMOs, at all cost. They cause Cancer and other revolting diseases.

I fear Cancer and I am sure we all do.  I shop a lot at Whole Foods. They are marking products as GMO or not GMO.  I also buy from our local Co-Op and Farmer’s Markets.

They are spendy but how much does Cancer surgery cost?

As Nancy Reagan might say, “Just Say No!”.

GMOs are not just killing us adults, they are killing our children.

 … On a lighter and more valuable note:

Have a Blessed and Happy Easter!


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Hundreds of Thousands Have Diabetes but Don’t Know It

Thousands of People Have Diabetes but Don't Know It.

Just the Twin Cities has 80,000 cases of unknowing doom that is crowding out the joy of life. Do read the the attachment link. Ignoring the danger signs can lead one to an early grave. First, though, they will experience kidney, heart and brain disease and my biggest fear, blindness. I’ve seen wonderful people suffer with diabetes, including my parents and a sibling plus lovely abandoned friends. I fear my genes could guarantee I will have it but I visit the Doctors for testing and am taking BiosLife Slim/G every day. The G stands for Glucose. Just don’t be a victim without testing.

If you know a victim, please invite them for Holidays. They are stunning educated people with a lot to give.

Click the Link and Again on the Next Page – Thanks to KSTP for this timely warning:

Officials_ Thousands in Minn. Don’t Know They Have Diabetes – Minneapolis and St


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“New and Improved” Words to Die For.

Sponge Bob Wants Sponge Bread? We found the source.

You won’t find this bread at fine dining emporiums.

The two worst words in a grocery emporium are “new” and “improved”. Don’t believe me? Watch this video. It’s a riot. If you don’t laugh till it hurts, I’ll send you some of the bread.


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