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The TREATS Kill,Too!

gmo halloween candy BIG names
Look, there are ten GMOs in a Hershey Bar. I have eaten  them often and worried about excess sugar. Now, I learn that they may kill you with Cancer but not ’till you suffer the ravages of Diabetes.
I think
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Want cancer? You can eat your way to it.

GMO Kills bees, us and our children.

This is a multi faceted post on one “food” group.

First, our bees are being killed with insecticides genetically spliced into the GMO plant, making the plant’s pollen and nectar fatal poisons for the honeybee.

We’ve all been  stung by

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Hundreds of Thousands Have Diabetes but Don’t Know It

Thousands of People Have Diabetes but Don't Know It.

Just the Twin Cities has 80,000 cases of unknowing doom that is crowding out the joy of life. Do read the the attachment link. Ignoring the danger signs can lead one to an early grave. First, though, they will experience … Read the rest

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“New and Improved” Words to Die For.

Sponge Bob Wants Sponge Bread? We found the source.

You won’t find this bread at fine dining emporiums.

The two worst words in a grocery emporium are “new” and “improved”. Don’t believe me? Watch this video. It’s a riot. If you don’t laugh till it hurts, I’ll send you … Read the rest

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Sugar Craving Is Genetically Linked

Sugar Cravings Genetically Linked

Sugar Cravings Explained


At least in part, it’s not my fault. I’m sucking on a hard candy, rotting my teeth and spiking my blood sugar. Only for you, would I be so dedicated to research.

Sugar is addictive in … Read the rest

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A Commercial Video but Well Worth the Time!

Really worth a couple minutes. Give us 13 weeks and we will give you a new life. Guaranteed!

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Make Milk addicting? Starting children on the road to obesity…


sourmilk-500x326I’m simply appalled. Do click and read this link: U.S milk  and I pray it is wrong. If it is true, and it appears to be, the FDA is actually considering the allowance of aspartame or other “safe” (as … Read the rest

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60 to 70% of our body is water, how’s yours?

Water Can Make you Very Sick

Pure Clean Water

About 4 months ago, I learned I had lead in my body. Since I drink reverse osmosis (R/O) water, eat organic food, have no lead paint, replaced my water pipes with no lead soldered copper pipes, no … Read the rest

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Beware of false claims…

Organically Fraudulent Food

Is Your Food Organically Fraudulent?

Another must read. Click this link: ‘Organic’ from China exposed_ An explosive warning from a sensible source.

I do not mean to pick on China but rather on us, as consumers.

If we do no … Read the rest

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