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Grandma Knew Best

Eat food made by sunlight .

I eat grass but my neighbors don’t.


It’s the End of the World Unless We All Start Cooking Click the link to the left. The Beast brings us a fascinating article by Sara Khong. A simple rule is to … Read the rest

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GMO Monopoly

Can’t make this stuff up:

I don’t remember the exact tag lines of both companies.But I believe Dupont’s was : “Better Living Through Chemistry”. How ironic we greet today’s news.
Thanks to NaturalNews: New Giant Monopoly of Monsanto and Dupont
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Steak Bad but Not How You Think


Carnitine and Steak Deadly

Carnitine and Steak


Health Hazard! Click Here:  Carnitine Found in Red Meat


Yep, a brand new culprit exposed. Click the link above, then click the link on the second page.
Carnitine and Steak. Wall Street Journal
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Calories Are Really Evil Critters

Humorous Calorie CharactersGotta Have a Little Fun

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diabetic neuropathy and balance

Here is something to write home about!

It turns out diabetes affects muscles and the pain of neuropathy for its victims. It causes lots of body problems like eye trouble, kidney and heart trouble. blood vessel problems and a host
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