What’s It All About, Ami?


In the video below, you will learn your life’s winning lotto number is 4-4-12.

I lost my parents and sibling from diabetic complications, much too soon. Following my passion to do something about diabetes, I found and now help market the number 1, natural, clinically proven product in the world to manage diabetes, and its complications: elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, cardiovascular disease, elevated blood pressure, renal failure, even blindness. Left untreated, they silently destroy your health. I help people to build franchises around this product.

But, if there was no financial reward, I would spread the news for free.

Diabetes is insidious. Even mild symptoms are additive, with the sum much more dangerous than each of the symptoms. It creeps up on people silently. Left untreated, it kills.

These products are listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference. They are Recommended, Marketed and Used by Doctors and Medical Specialists and double blind tested by leading organizations such as The Cleveland Clinic, Stamford University, Johns Hopkins and many others. The science is simply great.

I have struggled with health issues for many years, including a lifelong battle with weight. I have learned that it is impossible to control weight with conventional wisdom: eat sensible portions, exercise and control your eating habits. Our bodily systems are complex but the control of weight demands an understanding of insulin and leptin.

Our bodies must have fuel and excess fuel is stored in fat cells.

Those fat cells will release that fuel but only if insulin levels are gone from the blood stream. If insulin is present, the fat cells will not release food. The body is crashing and one eats candy or even sensible foods after which, again, the fat cells will store the excess when the body’s appetite has been satiated. Thus the cycle begins again.

I am not unique. 8 out of 10 people in the US are overweight. 30% are clinically obese. 30% are are in some stage of diabetes. And these numbers are exploding. Watch the video below to learn more.

My name is John Arleth and I will use the pen-name Ami. We are all friends in this fight.

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