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Organically Fraudulent Food

Is Your Food Organically Fraudulent?

Another must read. Click this link: ‘Organic’ from China exposed_ An explosive warning from a sensible source.

I do not mean to pick on China but rather on us, as consumers.

If we do no diligence on what we consume, who is responsible? Yes, the seller may be corrupt, whether a big box store here in the US or the product producer, we still have a covenant with our God to care for our children and even our own bodies as the temple of our higher power.  China will be China and is far from the only country that turns a blind eye on cheating.

If our big boxes are selling false promises and our own producers will falsely label milk (see immediately previous post on milk), who is ultimately to blame? Obviously, we the people are. We have allowed producers to become unregulated, cutting inspectors to fix our budget, deficit, cliff and now the sequester. Even if the Chinese are as portrayed in this article, the one and only way to cause them to change is to not buy their product.

Here is another tactic that  I believe to be true. Producers can ship to Canada. Product can be finalized in Canada. Product then can come in to the US as a product of Canada and ships in under the North American Fair Trade Agreement. (NAFTA)

Remember, too, Organic is a process. It can be full of lead, pesticides or hormones that is in the soil but not added by the producer during the organic production. In other words, you can buy a farm that is an ecological disaster and produce organic food. I’m told it is perfectly legal.

Finally, never forget the Caveat Emptor philosophy. It means the buyer takes the risk. You do not think of it every day but sellers do…



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