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Success in Weight Loss Comes in Baby Steps

Success in Weight Loss Comes in Baby Steps

Ever wonder about New Year’s resolutions? There is no question that failure  is an option. An amazing amount of people don’t make it a month.

It isn’t because they don’t want to succeed.

By far, I believe it is because the resolutions are far too reaching. I’m going to lose weight, make more money, get more fit or quit junk food for good are just a few of global resolutions that people simply can’t achieve.

What can we achieve?

Baby Steps!

Remember the advice I had to keep a wall calendar and try to do something every day to advance your goal?

It really works.

Get fit? If you park at the far end of the parking lot and walk further to your destination, you have a right to x the calendar. The goal is to never break the X Train. Perhaps you can walk further at lunch, on the weekends, before work on some days. You get the same x but a momentary satisfaction of furthering your resolution goal.

Just try to never miss a day, even if it is to climb a flight of stairs.

But, if you miss a day, don’t despair.

Start a new X Train.


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