Hundreds of Thousands Have Diabetes but Don’t Know It

Thousands of People Have Diabetes but Don't Know It.

Just the Twin Cities has 80,000 cases of unknowing doom that is crowding out the joy of life. Do read the the attachment link. Ignoring the danger signs can lead one to an early grave. First, though, they will experience kidney, heart and brain disease and my biggest fear, blindness. I’ve seen wonderful people suffer with diabetes, including my parents and a sibling plus lovely abandoned friends. I fear my genes could guarantee I will have it but I visit the Doctors for testing and am taking BiosLife Slim/G every day. The G stands for Glucose. Just don’t be a victim without testing.

If you know a victim, please invite them for Holidays. They are stunning educated people with a lot to give.

Click the Link and Again on the Next Page – Thanks to KSTP for this timely warning:

Officials_ Thousands in Minn. Don’t Know They Have Diabetes – Minneapolis and St



I lost my parents and a sibling from diabetic complications, way too soon. I market the number 1, natural, clinically proven product in the world to manage diabetes, and its gang of death vectors: elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, cardiovascular disease, elevated blood pressure, renal failure, even blindness. Left untreated, they silently destroy your health. I help people to build franchises around this product. But, if there was no financial reward, i would spread the news for free. Diabetes is insidious. It creeps up on people silently. Left untreated, it kills. These products are listed in the Physicians' Desk Reference. They are Recommended, Marketed and Used by Doctors and Medical Specialists. My name is John Arleth and I will use the pen-name Ami. We are all friends in this fight.

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