Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

Governor Christie's Weight Loss Dilema

I Yam What I Yam“, Popeye

In the movie “Tombstone” my favorite line, by Doc Holiday, was, while lying in his death bed, reading a Catholic Bible, ‘looking for loopholes’ as I like to say, was visited by legendary lawman, Wyatt Earp. The sheriff expressed some surprise at Doc Holiday reading the bible and Holiday said something like: ‘I am delving into the mysteries of the Roman (Catholic) religion’ ‘Apparently,my hypocrisy knows no bounds’.

Today, on Morning Joe, I learned, not or the first time, that the line should appear, perhaps scrolling, whenever the press is talking.

They did a feature on Governor Christie. Not on his good deeds, of course, but on his weight. The press is weighing in. (pun intended) To be sure, he tries to deal with this by going along and self deprecating humor. That is his absolute right, of course but not all of the rest of us have the resources or a fabulous approval rating.

Many of the overweight people are openly discriminated against. I suspect it is human nature to tell ourselves and others that “I am better than that person”.

Here is the the real weight news story. Despite Billions spent on weight loss, we don’t really educate people on the hormonal effect of insulin and leptin. Until we understand our own bodies, quick fixes and expensive fixes are destined to be ineffective. Our bodies are built to use stored fat not to be subjected to wild swings of eat, crash, eat again, crash again. The billions are wasted.

Making cheap news by creating a poster child of weight management is simply abhorrent. We come in different shapes and sizes.

Judge people by their deeds, not their looks and; please, don’t use their shapes for cheap ratings.


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