Make Milk addicting? Starting children on the road to obesity…


sourmilk-500x326I’m simply appalled. Do click and read this link: U.S milk  and I pray it is wrong. If it is true, and it appears to be, the FDA is actually considering the allowance of aspartame or other “safe” (as described or defined by the milk industry) possibly chemical sweeteners to be secretly added to milk with no notice to the consumer.  This follows the now standard practice of no notice to consumers regarding the secrets of genetically modified foods.

The milk industry claims the secrecy is basically for our own good. We would only be confused by the truth.

Recently, you will recall, the world was defrauded by milk laced with melamine, in China. It killed children. It was done to make the milk test higher, albeit fraudulently, for protein. This increased the price per gallon. This new “improvement” would put milk on an equal footing with soda pop. ( I can see Mayor Bloomberg  outlawing “big  gulp” sized milk containers in New York. ) In my opinion, milk would become addictive and raise demand and raise revenues for the milk industry. It would also start children on a path to become addicted to sweeteners in other products.

This proposed “improvement” of milk, which could never stand the light of day if fully disclosed, would make milk addicting from birth. Even worse, yogurt, cream, sour cream and a host of others would all be “improved” with “any safe and suitable” sweetener.  Thus the secret ingredient could evolve continuously as the industry widened the definition of “safe and suitable”.

As you read this, keep in mind that milk already has lactose. It is naturally sweetened. Children would be hooked with these “safe and suitable” but hidden additives, in any direction they turned. They may initially  be called “safe and suitable” by the milk industry and 20 years later carcinogens by the medical community. And, no one will know which ingredient caused the cancer because the additives are secret - as proposed by the milk industry and actually being considered for approval by the FDA.

At the least, making milk addicting would add to the obesity epidemic we are experiencing. Milk, cream  sour cream, ice cream and yogurt are high caloric foods.

I believe we need a Mothers Against FrankenFood uprising. Look what they did for drunk driving.


Sad but true Milk Carton Image courtesy of Super Funny Tees.

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