New Years Resolutions by the Cleveland Clinic

Ways-to-prevent-heart-disease (1)I am only quoting two areas of  “What Should Your 2013 Resolutions Be for 2013″ as reported by the HealthHub of  The Cleveland Clinic. I highly recommend the entire article for women (and much of it for men) available by clicking here.

  • “Be carb-smart”

    “Increase the amount of intact carbohydrates — vegetables, beans, fruit, whole grains — and decrease the amount of stripped (refined) carbohydrates — white flour, sugar, corn starch and syrup, white rice.”

  • “Start small to stay on track”

    “Start by making very small goals to be able to attain them, and then continue to set more goals. This keeps you on track and happy with your success. Otherwise you will end up setting one huge goal that is very hard to achieve and you give up on the resolution altogether. For example: resolve to drink more water. Or to find some way to exercise daily, like scheduling in a walk during lunch.”

The Cleveland Clinic is regarded, by most, to be the leading Cardiology and Heart Surgery Medical Facility in the nation and in the top four of almost all specialties. (Of course, as a loyal Minnesotan and a member of the Mayo Foundation, I might argue that the Mayo Clinic, The Minneapolis Heart Institute and the University of Minnesota give the Cleveland Clinic a run for the money in Heart care and note the Cleveland Clinic is more specialized than the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and the Massachusetts General Hospital. There can be no doubt that the Cleveland Clinic is highly regarded in a tight group of the world’s best  medical facilities.)

Disclaimer: The Cleveland Clinic is also one of the leading medical facilities who did double blind studies of our product and reported outstanding results. These are part of the scientific reports available by email request, to me: ami@TransportationStation.TV

Happy and Blessed New Year to All,



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