Sugar Craving Is Genetically Linked

Sugar Cravings Genetically Linked

Sugar Cravings Explained


At least in part, it’s not my fault. I’m sucking on a hard candy, rotting my teeth and spiking my blood sugar. Only for you, would I be so dedicated to research.

Sugar is addictive in my opinion. And, for many it is genetically compelling.

Do click this link to learn more: Simply Irresistible.

Don’t use my feeble humor as a reason to have a big gulp soda. 



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A Commercial Video but Well Worth the Time!

Really worth a couple minutes. Give us 13 weeks and we will give you a new life. Guaranteed!

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Make Milk addicting? Starting children on the road to obesity…


sourmilk-500x326I’m simply appalled. Do click and read this link: U.S milk  and I pray it is wrong. If it is true, and it appears to be, the FDA is actually considering the allowance of aspartame or other “safe” (as described or defined by the milk industry) possibly chemical sweeteners to be secretly added to milk with no notice to the consumer.  This follows the now standard practice of no notice to consumers regarding the secrets of genetically modified foods.

The milk industry claims the secrecy is basically for our own good. We would only be confused by the truth.

Recently, you will recall, the world was defrauded by milk laced with melamine, in China. It killed children. It was done to make the milk test higher, albeit fraudulently, for protein. This increased the price per gallon. This new “improvement” would put milk on an equal footing with soda pop. ( I can see Mayor Bloomberg  outlawing “big  gulp” sized milk containers in New York. ) In my opinion, milk would become addictive and raise demand and raise revenues for the milk industry. It would also start children on a path to become addicted to sweeteners in other products.

This proposed “improvement” of milk, which could never stand the light of day if fully disclosed, would make milk addicting from birth. Even worse, yogurt, cream, sour cream and a host of others would all be “improved” with “any safe and suitable” sweetener.  Thus the secret ingredient could evolve continuously as the industry widened the definition of “safe and suitable”.

As you read this, keep in mind that milk already has lactose. It is naturally sweetened. Children would be hooked with these “safe and suitable” but hidden additives, in any direction they turned. They may initially  be called “safe and suitable” by the milk industry and 20 years later carcinogens by the medical community. And, no one will know which ingredient caused the cancer because the additives are secret - as proposed by the milk industry and actually being considered for approval by the FDA.

At the least, making milk addicting would add to the obesity epidemic we are experiencing. Milk, cream  sour cream, ice cream and yogurt are high caloric foods.

I believe we need a Mothers Against FrankenFood uprising. Look what they did for drunk driving.


Sad but true Milk Carton Image courtesy of Super Funny Tees.
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60 to 70% of our body is water, how’s yours?

Water Can Make you Very Sick

Pure Clean Water

About 4 months ago, I learned I had lead in my body. Since I drink reverse osmosis (R/O) water, eat organic food, have no lead paint, replaced my water pipes with no lead soldered copper pipes, no lead feeders from the city water, I was shocked. More shocking, the doctor who ran the test had no idea what to do about it and referred me to the EPA. The EPA only seemed to want to discover the source. I wanted to get rid of the poisonous lead. In any event, I’ve been stuck in a circuitous loop in the medical community. So, I began to study the problem in earnest.

Here is what I’ve learned so far. R/O water may not be at all good for me, or you. In fact, R/O and distilled isn’t even good for your goldfish. It is considered dead water, missing minerals we actually need. Bottle water and distilled water also have major drawbacks. Tap water has ‘permissible’ levels of such things as Arsenic, Lead, even Bacteria .

The good news, for avoiding much of the water pollutants, is there may be a solution. I’m researching that, right now and will report back shortly.

More shocking news is the doctors I’ve talked to, have little knowledge of water quality problems. Since a third of our independent franchise owners are medical professionals, I hope we can start to spread the water quality news.

The saddest news is that my lead is likely in the bones and has been for some time. It is very difficult to get rid of. It makes me wonder how many of you have lead from breathing leaded gas fumes, water feeder lines from your city water, and how many can afford to do anything about it.

Is it dangerous? Google it. From cognitive issues on down, it is very scary. Where you left your keys may have more to do with environmental causes than advancing age.


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Beware of false claims…

Organically Fraudulent Food

Is Your Food Organically Fraudulent?

Another must read. Click this link: ‘Organic’ from China exposed_ An explosive warning from a sensible source.

I do not mean to pick on China but rather on us, as consumers.

If we do no diligence on what we consume, who is responsible? Yes, the seller may be corrupt, whether a big box store here in the US or the product producer, we still have a covenant with our God to care for our children and even our own bodies as the temple of our higher power.  China will be China and is far from the only country that turns a blind eye on cheating.

If our big boxes are selling false promises and our own producers will falsely label milk (see immediately previous post on milk), who is ultimately to blame? Obviously, we the people are. We have allowed producers to become unregulated, cutting inspectors to fix our budget, deficit, cliff and now the sequester. Even if the Chinese are as portrayed in this article, the one and only way to cause them to change is to not buy their product.

Here is another tactic that  I believe to be true. Producers can ship to Canada. Product can be finalized in Canada. Product then can come in to the US as a product of Canada and ships in under the North American Fair Trade Agreement. (NAFTA)

Remember, too, Organic is a process. It can be full of lead, pesticides or hormones that is in the soil but not added by the producer during the organic production. In other words, you can buy a farm that is an ecological disaster and produce organic food. I’m told it is perfectly legal.

Finally, never forget the Caveat Emptor philosophy. It means the buyer takes the risk. You do not think of it every day but sellers do…


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Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

Governor Christie's Weight Loss Dilema

I Yam What I Yam“, Popeye

In the movie “Tombstone” my favorite line, by Doc Holiday, was, while lying in his death bed, reading a Catholic Bible, ‘looking for loopholes’ as I like to say, was visited by legendary lawman, Wyatt Earp. The sheriff expressed some surprise at Doc Holiday reading the bible and Holiday said something like: ‘I am delving into the mysteries of the Roman (Catholic) religion’ ‘Apparently,my hypocrisy knows no bounds’.

Today, on Morning Joe, I learned, not or the first time, that the line should appear, perhaps scrolling, whenever the press is talking.

They did a feature on Governor Christie. Not on his good deeds, of course, but on his weight. The press is weighing in. (pun intended) To be sure, he tries to deal with this by going along and self deprecating humor. That is his absolute right, of course but not all of the rest of us have the resources or a fabulous approval rating.

Many of the overweight people are openly discriminated against. I suspect it is human nature to tell ourselves and others that “I am better than that person”.

Here is the the real weight news story. Despite Billions spent on weight loss, we don’t really educate people on the hormonal effect of insulin and leptin. Until we understand our own bodies, quick fixes and expensive fixes are destined to be ineffective. Our bodies are built to use stored fat not to be subjected to wild swings of eat, crash, eat again, crash again. The billions are wasted.

Making cheap news by creating a poster child of weight management is simply abhorrent. We come in different shapes and sizes.

Judge people by their deeds, not their looks and; please, don’t use their shapes for cheap ratings.

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From the Land of OZ?

Nope, from Dr. OZ.

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Design Like a Pro to Market Like One

Internet Marketing for Work at Home

Here is a wonderful Source of Marketing Tools for our franchise owners. We do get a small commission, if you purchase. But, the reason these programs are or ever will be featured is that they work and are best in breed when offered.

In any marketing, credibility, conversation and clarity are mandatory. Telling your story will do much more for you than pushing any product. If you have a story, people will read it and you can serialize your story content so people will look forward to your email or blog. Marketing is  seasoning in a blog or email.  A little of it goes a long way

If you continually try to push the shiny new object, you will lose readers faster than you will ever gain them. You could wind up talking to yourself.

Not everyone is a marketing genius. In fact, maybe no one is.

Before there was a Mark Twain, there was a Samuel Clemens who had a lifetime of stories to tell.  Samuel told his life stories and became wealthy doing it, as Mark Twain.

Not everyone is a Mark Twain but everyone has a story.

Here is our first design tip. I love this graphic design tool. Anyone can do it well.

Graphic Designers utilize software “suites” costing thousands of dollars.  Smart Graphic Designer is for the rest of us. If you have a story to tell, this low cost (really low) product will be your friend. Select here  for more information.

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Don’t Be Hard on Yourself!

Success in Weight Loss Comes in Baby Steps

Success in Weight Loss Comes in Baby Steps

Ever wonder about New Year’s resolutions? There is no question that failure  is an option. An amazing amount of people don’t make it a month.

It isn’t because they don’t want to succeed.

By far, I believe it is because the resolutions are far too reaching. I’m going to lose weight, make more money, get more fit or quit junk food for good are just a few of global resolutions that people simply can’t achieve.

What can we achieve?

Baby Steps!

Remember the advice I had to keep a wall calendar and try to do something every day to advance your goal?

It really works.

Get fit? If you park at the far end of the parking lot and walk further to your destination, you have a right to x the calendar. The goal is to never break the X Train. Perhaps you can walk further at lunch, on the weekends, before work on some days. You get the same x but a momentary satisfaction of furthering your resolution goal.

Just try to never miss a day, even if it is to climb a flight of stairs.

But, if you miss a day, don’t despair.

Start a new X Train.

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……..this just in! grew 72% in 2012

Unicity Make Life Better Grows 72% in 2012

After a fabulous 2011, our Transformation Program, with a money back guarantee, spurred the growth of product sales by another 72% in 2012. Independent franchise owners also grew to wonderful new heights.

Growth is a wonderful result of having a scientifically proven, all natural weight loss and lipid plus gluten normalization product. BiosLife Slim is respected and marketed by medical professionals and independent entrepreneurs globally.

We celebrate every packet of Slim used by people who take control of weight, glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides and we also celebrate every coaching session received by people who will give us 13 weeks for us to give them back a new life.

Thanks to all for this wonderful growth. Please let everyone you know about our products and work at home business opportunity to spread the Lord’s blessings. Remember: “Make Life Better” isn’t just a slogan, it’s kind of a command :)


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