A Confession from Ami

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I had blood tests at the Mayo Clinic on January 2, 2013. My Internist called me and he was positively giddy. He said my levels were lower than they ever were. Glucose low, Cholesterol very low, etc. Said I could drop my statins, completely.

I have to confess to a certain amount of reveling for the month of December. No alcohol because I don’t drink but the  rest was fair game. My enabler supplied me with cake, cookies, candies, ice cream – wonderful  temptations. So, while I  limited the excess, I did enjoy some.

These results are all due to BiosLife Slim. Yes, I’m an advocate but I owe these results to the all natural product.

Maybe, if I really concentrate on compliance, the next time my levels are checked, I will “owe” some cholesterol. :)

Photo courtesy of Hannah’s Cakes.
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New Years Resolutions by the Cleveland Clinic

Ways-to-prevent-heart-disease (1)I am only quoting two areas of  “What Should Your 2013 Resolutions Be for 2013″ as reported by the HealthHub of  The Cleveland Clinic. I highly recommend the entire article for women (and much of it for men) available by clicking here.

  • “Be carb-smart”

    “Increase the amount of intact carbohydrates — vegetables, beans, fruit, whole grains — and decrease the amount of stripped (refined) carbohydrates — white flour, sugar, corn starch and syrup, white rice.”

  • “Start small to stay on track”

    “Start by making very small goals to be able to attain them, and then continue to set more goals. This keeps you on track and happy with your success. Otherwise you will end up setting one huge goal that is very hard to achieve and you give up on the resolution altogether. For example: resolve to drink more water. Or to find some way to exercise daily, like scheduling in a walk during lunch.”

The Cleveland Clinic is regarded, by most, to be the leading Cardiology and Heart Surgery Medical Facility in the nation and in the top four of almost all specialties. (Of course, as a loyal Minnesotan and a member of the Mayo Foundation, I might argue that the Mayo Clinic, The Minneapolis Heart Institute and the University of Minnesota give the Cleveland Clinic a run for the money in Heart care and note the Cleveland Clinic is more specialized than the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and the Massachusetts General Hospital. There can be no doubt that the Cleveland Clinic is highly regarded in a tight group of the world’s best  medical facilities.)

Disclaimer: The Cleveland Clinic is also one of the leading medical facilities who did double blind studies of our product and reported outstanding results. These are part of the scientific reports available by email request, to me: ami@TransportationStation.TV

Happy and Blessed New Year to All,


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The Tradition of Toasting for Auld Lang Syne


I know one likes to toast the New Year. If I can be so bold as to suggest limiting how much one imbibes, try just wetting your lips. It isn’t that I want to be a wet blanket but if you suffer from diabetes, heart disease or obesity, alcohol is a little like dynamite. Just use enough to enter the New Year, don’t blow up your health.

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Don We Now Our Gay Apparel, fa la la, la la la, la, la, la

gay apparel 300704_246666775386892_1424108686_n

It’s that most wonderful time of the year. “New Year’s Resolutions”  The two, most resolved, are to lose weight (get healthy) and make more money.

I don’t know if you are like me but I suspect many of us share the same traits. In my case, I have a wardrobe for many sizes of me. Expensive clothes that are languishing in the nether world of smaller Ami(s).

If you are like me, you are making the same resolutions, even if they are for different garment labels. For example, I have resolved to lose enough weight to fit into an obscenely expensive Armani shirt I bought for a business function. I had lost weight and it looked good on me. You may have a similar story.

In any even, I resolve to consume fruits, vegetables and plant sterols, avoiding pizza, ice cream, chips and large chunks of red meat, while beginning anew my relationship with my treadmill.

Oh, and I resolve to MAKE MORE $, too…

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Essential Sterols and Soluble Fiber Explained

Veggie PictureMy doctor, kind of a brilliant country old timer doctor, has offered me two pieces of advice, over the years. 1. Do diet first! and 2. Ice cream is death in a bucket.

We all know that we should eat several (perhaps 8) servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Lower weight, less cancers, lowered LDL cholesterol and triglycerides are all possible. Anything which reduces cancers, cardiovascular disease, heart disease and likelihood of diabetesis, as Martha Stewart would say, is a good thing.

In fact, the usual method of improving lipids, etc. is medications. Take a pill, and continue on with life. But wait, statins or other medications have side effects and should only be used if lifestyle changes do not work. (Usually because of noncompliance to proper diet and exercise.) This not a failure of desire to do the right thing. It is incredibly difficult and expensive to comply. Eating Genetically Modified and-or non organic foods are both fraught with danger from genetic “lottos”, pesticides, herbicides and processing. And, do you want to give children statins?

What about foods made by leading brands? Well, highly processed foods are loaded with sugars and fat. they should be studiously avoided. At the least, carefully read the label.

The body needs highly soluble fibers and sterols to properly function. Get them naturally or by whatever means you can.

A simplistic explanation is on EHow and quoted here:  Sterols are defined as “any of a group of natural steroid alcohols derived from plants or animals. They are essential components of plant cells, contributing to the regulation of cell structure, growth and development. Surprisingly perhaps, plant sterols have a similar structure to cholesterol”.

Ed: How long have we known about the benefits of sterols? Read on…

“In the 1950s, a research paper by O.J.Pollak showed the positive effect of plant sterols on cholesterol levels in humans. Plant sterols have a similar structure to cholesterol but are poorly digested. Once in the gut they reduce the absorption of the dangerous LDL cholesterol into the bloodstream.

  • Following this research plant sterols were used as part of the treatment of elevated blood cholesterol, a practice that continued until the pharmaceutical industry developed drugs that offered great efficacy and patient acceptance. (ED: The convenient pill, supported by billions in advertising.)

  • Because sterols are a natural component of vegetables, nuts and other foods, a western diet already contains an estimated 200 to 300 mg per day. According to the United Kingdom Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes, to lower cholesterol in the blood the intake of plant sterols required is 1 to 3 g per day. This would achieve a reduction of LDL cholesterol of 5 to15 percent. (ED: For “math-a-phobes”  we are getting one thousandth of therapeutic levels.)

  • The UK Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes has stated that in their view foods with added plant sterols are only suitable for “at risk” groups of the population who have been advised by a medical practitioner to adjust their diet to lower blood cholesterol.Their reasoning is that sterols may interfere with absorption of carotenoids—essential for the body to make vitamin A—which might be a health risk for children, pregnant women and those breastfeeding.”

    (ED: There is a few problems with this advice. 1. It costs $ to get advised by a doctor and the advice, and if it could work, could be on a plaque outside the doctors office: “Eat 8 servings of fruits and vegetable  daily and exercise regularly.” Then everyone would be at an ideal weight and full of fiber and sterols. 2. We know 80% of us are at least overweight and already at risk. Not consuming sterols is far more dangerous than taking a vitamin A supplement. 3. Pills are supported by lovely advertising promoting the drug.  4. We get little education on the subjects, rather, we are viewed as weaklings who just won’t properly diet. 5. There are all sorts of organizations who will take our money to “lose weight”. 6. Despite thousands of these diets and programs, they never work, in the long run. 7. We are pressured to eat “convenience food” which increases insulin staying in the body and prevents our bodies from drawing on fuel from fat cells. 8. We finally give up and may get cancer, heart attacks, limb amputations, kidney failure, blindness, and live with the people who ostracize us for being weaklings.”)



Read more: Define Plant Sterols | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_6510178_define-plant-sterols.html#ixzz2GB7V42Tb


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’twas the Day of Christmas where Special Rules Apply

Christmas-Tree-300-pixels-webThis is a day of festivity and feasting.

Enjoy anything you like but be aware of the portion size.

Don’t worry a lot just use your good common sense.

I’m off to make breakfast.

At least we’ll start the day with a good chunk of protein

Organic Eggs and Canadian Bacon. Yum :)

Perhaps some fresh juice and fruit.

I wish you a Merry and Blessed Christmas.


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Santa did you forget my present?

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Merry Christmas!

and Happy New Year, to come.


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What Does Freedom Mean to You?

At the start of your journey with Transformation Station, I asked if you would work hard for freedom. I came across this TED talk which is much more eloquent. It is not a patriotic question, necessarily, in this context.

It is a question of your life and how you will live it.

This freedom is personal. We have only one life to live and if your car your boat or your color TV is worth trading some of your freedom for, it’s just fine. But, if you feel you are trading all of your freedom for things which you will soon store in the garage with other things you are still paying off, by working two jobs you hate, trust me, there is a better way.

No matter if you take or pass on our opportunity, watch this video. It will make you think and as Martha Stewart says, that’s a good thing.


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Sage Career Advice brought to us by TED

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