The TREATS Kill,Too!

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Look, there are ten GMOs in a Hershey Bar. I have eaten  them often and worried about excess sugar. Now, I learn that they may kill you with Cancer but not ’till you suffer the ravages of Diabetes.
I think today is a good day to pray because…
…the Good Lord can’t like them, either. 





Will they Bring Good Things to Life?

Tomatoes with Hypodermic Needles Injecting Them with GMO Poisons.

GMO Tomatoes and Corn.
















The Candy will hook children.
And there is no good that can come from eating them.
I think children may say later: “I thought my momma loved me and was making me eat my vegetables for my own good. But, now I wonder if she did love me.”
Now Lets Look at Tomatoes and Corn:
Tomatoes are disgusting. They are GMOs and they are grown hydroponically. They don’t taste like tomatoes.
Solution – Grow your own. Do a lot of research first.
Corn has been GMO’d for a lot of reasons. Corn has become obnoxiously sweet.
Solution - Only one. No, there are none.  It is in everything we eat.
It is a major cause of obesity.
High Fructose = More Danger than Dynamite.
GMOs are no way to die.
It might be easier to ask to be hung rather than die of Cancer caused by the Agriculture Industrial Complex. Or, we could ask the growers and sellers to “Do the right thing.

Wait for GMO to kill you? I'd rather be hung.


What’s to be the answer?
Throw them away.  Or, will we be branded as polluters?

Is it anti -green to throw away GMO's. Perhaps










 … On that encouraging note, I wish you a,

Happy Easter!

Pss’t, Don’t even think of eating the candy.






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