Want cancer? You can eat your way to it.

GMO Kills bees, us and our children.

This is a multi faceted post on one “food” group.

First, our bees are being killed with insecticides genetically spliced into the GMO plant, making the plant’s pollen and nectar fatal poisons for the honeybee.

We’ve all been  stung by bees and perhaps you are a little ambivalent to the death of bees.

But remember this. Bees fertilize our crops. Without them, we could face food shortages on a massive scale. How soon?  Here’s a statistic that may shock us into reality: This year we have lost 50 percent of our bees.

They are being killed by the agriculture industry for profits.

And, remember that GMO(s) exist on such a massive scale and good organic foods will be cross pollinated by the bees and become another GMO.

Ask yourself: When our legislators protect industries over our freedom to live with our inalienable right to live in the “Pursuit of Happiness” do they deserve our vote? Your decision of course.

Please work to stop killing our bees and avoid GMOs, at all cost. They cause Cancer and other revolting diseases.

I fear Cancer and I am sure we all do.  I shop a lot at Whole Foods. They are marking products as GMO or not GMO.  I also buy from our local Co-Op and Farmer’s Markets.

They are spendy but how much does Cancer surgery cost?

As Nancy Reagan might say, “Just Say No!”.

GMOs are not just killing us adults, they are killing our children.

 … On a lighter and more valuable note:

Have a Blessed and Happy Easter!



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